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e - net: energy network (2008 issue 2)
Title:      e - net: energy network (2008 issue 2)
BookID:      20
ISBN-10(13):      1800 - 3680
Publisher:      Practical Action
Number of pages:      18
No of copies available:      2
Language:      English
Resource Type:      Newsletters
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

2008 issue of the e-net magazine focuses on emerging technologies in the renewable energy sector for community based initiatives. In the context of the world energy crisis and competing demands for resources these initiatives show how the burgeoning energy needs of the world’s populace can be met. Articles within this issue feature technology solutions aimed at enabling the poor to meet their energy needs. We are happy that we have a contribution from Bhutan for this issue along with valuable contributions made from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan.